Skip file system check with no root password

I’ve seen number of posts configuring forced file system check while re-booting from improper shutdown/power off. Some days back we were in a situation where the system re-booted because of power failure and with the file system check force trying to run fsck. But because of “some” problem the system could not finish it and asking to run the fsck command manually prompting root login OR Ctrl+D will reboot again.


Also unfortunately we lost the root password of the system and editing the kernel with “single” user mode didn’t help as we hit with the same fsck mentioned above.

A: At the kernel select screen press “e” for edit and after rhgb quiet add “fastboot single” in the end -> press Enter -> press “b” for boot which skips the forced file system check and comes to the console without asking root password.

We did reset the root password and booted again without any options – hit with the same manual fsck but now we logged in as root and ran it manually which solved both issues.




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