SSH Port Forwarding – TigerVNC Example

Recently we received a request from client to install TigerVNC on our Redhat server to access it remotely. There is a firewall rule already open to access the server using SSH and we don’t want to open any more ports as this is a temporary request.

Using the guide provided by Redhat we have installed and confiugred TigerVNC on display_number 1 ( VNC server runs on port 5901 if the display is 1, 5902 if the display is 2 and so on..).

Now we need to connect to server on port 5901 over port 22.

Step 1: On server open /etc/ssh/sshd_config , set “X11 Forwarding” to yes and then reload ssh.

Step 2: On client side open putty ->Give Server IP and leave port as 22 -> Go to Connections -> SSH-> X11 -> Enable Forwarding -> Right below there is Tunnels-> Give source port as 5901 and Destination as “” then add it. Connect to server -> provide username and password.

Step 3: Open VNC Viewer and connect to using password which will be forwarded to the server.

I loved this article on the same topic and all credetis to the author:


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