AWS ECS -Errors Ref

** This page is to capture the errors related to AWS ECS. It is not the complate list but I will update as I see further**

  1. Out of Memory Before Container Start:

While running the “ecs-cli compose up” hit the error INFO[0000] Couldn’t run containers reason=RESOURCE:MEMORY – Check the total memory of containers and check the EC2 instance memory limit.

2. Out of Memory After Container Start:

Out of Memory can also reach not only before starting the container but also when you start them and as the processes start and if there is no enough memory to start. ( Essential Container Stopped )

3. Cannot Pull Images Error:

Images must be built before hand and upload to ECR as you cannot build them while running ecs-cli compose up. “build” in docker compose is fine but ecs-compose need image so pre-built image is needed.

4. Relative referencing of volumes won’t work so we should give absolute paths.

CannotCreateContainerError: API error (500): create ./../: “./../” includes invalid characters for a local volume name, only “[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_.-]” are allowed

5. Sometimes I could not find any reason from AWS ECS console as the tasks are starting and stopping. You can see the instance where the tasks started and stopped and login into it then run below commands.

#docker images – you should see them already present because the task started

#docker ps -a – you should see containers stopped

#docker logs <container> to check the logs



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