MySQL – High Disk I/O Issue

Recently we have seen a production issue – received multiple alerts high disk I/O on a server where production DB is running. CPU and Memory still fine though.. No weird logs in messages OR database logs.

# htop – shown multiple processes in “D” state.

#iostat -xtc 1 100 , atop shown the disk utilization is 100% but we still didn’t find the reason. No alerts at hard disk level..

A: Finally found the issue. Logged into the DB

mysql> show processlist;

  • We could see the replication process which is running since quite a period time which is OK.
  • We have also seen one more query which is running quite a bit of time exactly since the number of read and write requests increased..
  • It is only read query but it locked tables

mysql> kill query <pid>

resolved the issue.


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