/proc file system

/proc files system contains information regarding the current processes and system information running on it. You can see the process ID’s running at present on the system.

#cat /proc/cpuinfo#cat /proc/meminfo

You can see list of processes with the PID’s present in it:


Table 1-1: Process specific entries in /proc
 File		Content
 clear_refs	Clears page referenced bits shown in smaps output
 cmdline	Command line arguments
 cpu		Current and last cpu in which it was executed	(2.4)(smp)
 cwd		Link to the current working directory
 environ	Values of environment variables
 exe		Link to the executable of this process
 fd		Directory, which contains all file descriptors
 maps		Memory maps to executables and library files	(2.4)
 mem		Memory held by this process
 root		Link to the root directory of this process
 stat		Process status
 statm		Process memory status information
 status		Process status in human readable form
 wchan		Present with CONFIG_KALLSYMS=y: it shows the kernel function
		symbol the task is blocked in - or "0" if not blocked.
 pagemap	Page table
 stack		Report full stack trace, enable via CONFIG_STACKTRACE
 smaps		an extension based on maps, showing the memory consumption of
		each mapping and flags associated with it
 numa_maps	an extension based on maps, showing the memory locality and
		binding policy as well as mem usage (in pages) of each mapping.


Reference: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt






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