Puppet – Hiera Error

As mentioned here: https://ask.puppet.com/question/22498/error-400-on-server-could-not-find-data-item-nfsexports-in-any-hiera-data-file-and-no-default-supplied-at/

I was getting 400 error as puppet not able to find hiera value..

  1. YAML files strictly follows indentation – I’ve copied and pasted values from different values which has placed ‘TAB’ instead of spaces. Find the tab and replace with spaces.
#grep -P '/t' -r * <all hiera yaml files>

On puppet master run

puppet master --compile <your host FQDN> --environment=<your host environment> --debug |grep hiera

2. One more issue I’ve found using Hiera along with Foreman. Duplicating hiera values, overriding in foreman confused puppet so check all possible causes.



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