Git – Configuration and Basic Commands – Part 1

Create account in – I’ve created my own “sangitaccount”


Go to “Settings” – Most of the sections are self explanatory – We are interested in “SSH and GPG Keys”. We can access the repository either using HTTPS OR SSH. As we are going to use SSH style need to the key.


As we are going to integrate Jenkins with Git – I will generate keys for Jenkins user and add public key to my account.



Install git on your local system and do basic configuration.


You may want to change the username, email to see who is pushing the changes.


If you add “git config –global” applied to all repositories. Ignore global for config changes to single repository.

More examples:

Git does strict SSL check while using “https” and if you have locally generated certificate it may fail so ignore the SSL verification. You can do git config http.sslVerify “false”. in your specific repo to disable SSL certificate checking for that repo only.

While using https we can ask Git to save credentials in the cache. Ref:



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